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Rangers Night: How Suite It Is!

June 29, 2012 in Information, Special Events by Hatter

ASC students have such an awesome opportunity to enjoy classic North Texas entertainment: Texas Rangers baseball.

Sunday night, July 1st, the American League first place Rangers will be hosting game 4 in their Oakland Athletics series. DFW WOW secured the Adobe Oil & Gas Office Suite, with a private balcony overlooking Center Field.

Stradhatter pics will follow…

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An All-New Party Begins

June 27, 2012 in Information by Hatter

With a new DFW WOW year underway (the first with its new website), a complete face-lift for the StradHatter site seemed appropriate as well.

This new StradHatter offers some promised features from last year’s Advance String Camp discussions.  Top of the list: social networking customized for ASC students only.

Now, we know that you probably already have your texting thumbs exercised, fb friends liked, and tweets tweeted, but sometimes it just feels great knowing that you can access a specific group of friends without all the outside distractions. Think of StradHatter as your own personal social orchestra where everybody plays and no one has to fight for a chair.

More to come…

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